Bruising after wisdom teeth removal

Bruising after wisdom teeth removal

I am going to tell you about why people experience face bruising after wisdom teeth removal.  But first, a little bit about wisdom teeth. Many of us have had our wisdom teeth removed. However, did you know that approximately 35% of people don’t have any wisdom teeth at all….ever! How lucky are they? And did you know that you can have none to four wisdom teeth. Sometimes people even have more than four.

If your dentist has recommended you get your wisdom teeth out because there is no space for them to grow, or it is causing discomfort, infection or other dental problems, then the relief you will feel once your mouth has healed will be worth it.

Is bruising after wisdom teeth removal normal?

Yes, it is normal. You may develop some discolouration that could be black, blue, green or yellow around your jaw. It is perfectly normal for this to occur with a wisdom tooth extraction. It does not mean there was any difficulty in removing the teeth or that there was any more trauma than normal. Usually the bruising occurs after two to three days after the surgery. Your face may also become swollen.  

And really, removing your wisdom teeth is a serious surgical procedure, so it’s no wonder you may experience some discomfort including swelling and bruising.

It is also normal to see bruising in your neck from wisdom teeth removal. This is because as bruising resolves, gravity tends to move the discolouration down the face. That is why sometimes your neck will end up discoloured.

It can take up to two weeks for you to fully recover from your wisdom teeth removal.

What are wisdom teeth good for? Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Well, wisdom teeth are not good for much. Our ancestors required wisdom teeth to chew and eat. This is because they had a much tougher diet than people eat these days. They needed a third set of molars because their teeth were worn down much faster. Our ancestors would have been eating foods like leaves and roots, and a lot of meat. So that explains why they needed wisdom teeth and we don’t.

8 interesting facts about wisdom teeth

  1. Wisdom teeth generally show up when you are between 17 to 25 years old. That is why they have their name, because they show up at a time in your life when you are gaining wisdom.
  2. Did you know some scientists are looking into ways of preventing wisdom teeth from growing at all?
  3. Evolution will eventually take care of the wisdom tooth problem. Eventually, people will not even develop any wisdom teeth at all. However, that is going to take centuries!
  4. It is easier to remove wisdom teeth when you are younger because they grow roots. It is normally to see up to three roots on wisdom teeth but sometimes more have developed over the years as you age.
  5. The Guinness World Records says the oldest person to grow a wisdom tooth was 94 years old!
  6. In Korea, wisdom teeth are referred to as love teeth because at the time they come in people are usually experiencing their first love.
  7. Aristotle even noted the eruption of wisdom teeth.
  8. The oldest known impacted wisdom tooth belonged to someone who lived around 13,000 to 11,000 BCE.


Disclaimer – Like I always say, I am not a medical professional and it is important you discuss all your concerns regarding your oral health and health in general with your own health professional. They will help you make the best decision for you and guide you through post-operative care.

How many wisdom teeth do you have and did you get them out? I luckily only had one wisdom tooth which I got removed a couple of years ago. And fortunately, I did not experience much bruising. Let me know your experiences below, and if you have any other wisdom tooth facts, I would love to hear them!

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