Is bubble wrap recyclable?

Different countries and regions have different rules about recycling and waste. These rules are often governed by the local council. However, if you are lucky, there are companies that are offering different recycling opportunities for soft plastics.

Technically bubble wrap is recyclable. The problem comes about with the different kinds of plastics and the fact that soft plastic is often not recyclable.

Unfortunately, bubble wrap is a soft plastic which means that this is bad news for the machinery at recycling sorting facilities, that is why bubble wrap cannot go in the recycling bin (depending on your location). It can clog the machinery if it is not disposed of correctly.

So you might be wondering how to dispose of bubble wrap. You can see if there is a drop off location near you. And before you take your bubble wrap for recycling, make sure to:

  • Pop all of the air bubbles.
  • Confirm the recycling center accepts soft plastics like bubble wrap.
  • Do not recycle the materials that are not recyclable.
  • If you cannot recycle your bubble wrap, be sure to reuse it.

You could use bubble wrap in the following ways:

  1. Save it for when you need to transport breakable items.
  2. Create bubble wrap art!
  3. Relieve stress by popping that bubble wrap.
  4. Use it in gardening, protect your plants in winter by reusing bubble wrap in your garden. You can line the sides of a planter and pot (leave the bottom free so water can drain).


Do you have any other ways to reuse bubble wrap, or do you live somewhere where it can be recycled? 

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