Amino acid hair treatment

What is an amino acid hair treatment? And do you need it? Keep reading to find out.

First, what are amino acids?

Amino acids are a highly necessary component of the body’s processes. Many amino acids can be naturally made by the body and function as the basic building blocks of the body supporting the digestive process and heart functions. Essential amino acids, must be supplied to the body through the food we eat. 

Regarding hair, amino acids are essential for hair growth, strength and retaining your locks. How this works is, certain amino acids supply sulphur to the hair cells which helps to prevent hair loss.

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Keratin is the protein that makes up the structure of hair built by 18 amino acids. The basic structure of keratin within your hair is made up of amino acids joined together by chemical bonds (peptide bonds).

You need both keratin and amino acids for your hair to even be on your head at all.

What does amino acid hair treatment do?

An amino acid hair treatment can strengthen and smooth your hair. Amino acid hair treatments are also called Argil Therapy. These treatments are known to reduce curl retention by up to 80 percent. That means that if your hair is slightly wavy then it will become straight. If your hair is in a tight curl, it will appear about 50 percent looser after your amino acid hair treatment.

You should consider an amino acid hair treatment if you struggle with the daily maintenance of your hair due to unruliness, if you need to rely heavily on styling products to maintain your hair style, if your hair is frizzy, dry and you constantly are using relaxers.

The benefits of amino acid hair treatment

  1. You can have an amino acid hair treatment even if your hair has undergone a chemical treatment.
  2. It won’t break the bonds of your hair. So you will still have volume in your hair rather than it becoming completely straight.
  3. This treatment can be free of formaldehyde and other chemicals that are hazardous. Please check with your hair stylist.
  4. Your hair will feel moisturized, not dry or frizzy.
  5. It is more eco-friendly than other hair treatments.
  6. Amino acid treatments are low heat so your hair will not get damaged.

And of course, I have to mention how amino acid hair treatments are a little more eco-friendly because your hair won’t be subjected to harsh chemicals and substances as it would in a keratin treatment. Your hair won’t get damaged or break because the treatment does not require high heats.

Have you had an amino acid hair treatment before? And if so, what were the results like? Or do you have any other tips for those who are interested in healthier hair, please post them below!

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