What can I do for world environment day?

What is world environment day?

On June 5th it is world environment day. This day is celebrated annually. It is hosted by the United Nations to help raise awareness about the environment. The aim is to invite people to take action to help protect our beautiful planet and the resources it provides.

World environment day was first celebrated in 1974. Every year a new country hosts the event. You can check out all the latest news and stories for this day on the world environment day website. Or follow the hashtag #generationrestoration

From 4 to 5th of June the Virtual Launch Gala and keep up with inspiring messages from around the world with participation from world leaders, activists, musicians and celebrities. This year’s host country is Pakistan, and you can also view their programme. You can find the link to this on the world environment day website.

What can I do for world environment day?

With much of our lives online these days or limited to our own countries due to travel restrictions, here are some ideas on how you can celebrate world environment day this year.

Cook yourself and your friends a vegetarian meal or have an environmentally friendly potluck

By choosing to follow a vegetarian diet you can reduce methane/nitrous oxide production, save large amounts of water and avoid further pollution of waterways. For more information check out this Down to Earth post

Check out any activities that are planned for world environment day in your local area.

You might not know what’s going on in your local area. Try searching Facebook, Instagram or other media to see if there are an eco-friendly activities near you.

Go for a local hike or walk in your area

Why not get outside into the natural environment and check out a new walkway, go for a stroll on the beach if you live near one, or explore a an old favorite hiking track.  You don’t have to go for hours, just get out there and admire the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Try your hand at some eco-friendly crafts

Why not try creating something new out of recyclable materials or things you would just throw away. You can search Pinterest or other eco-friendly blogs for craft ideas. Kids could get involved in this too.

Have a backyard picnic

There’s no need to travel anywhere, why not make some sandwiches, gather up some fruit and vegetables and have a picnic in your backyard (or living room).

Get in the garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden you could spend some time tidying it up or planting something new. Or tend to your herb collection.

Share your best environmentally friendly tips and facts

Share your knowledge on the environment and your best tips for an eco-friendly life on social media and with your friends and family. Let people know it’s world environment day!

Do a litter sweep

Wearing some gloves for protection, collect rubbish from your local area knowing that you are helping to reduce pollution from plastic in your neighbourhood.

Watch an eco-documentary

Check out Netflix or any other streaming service, or Youtube for a documentary on the environment. You could even have a movie night with your friends.

Go thrift shopping

Save some money and help the environment, if you are in need of a new item of clothing, why not check out the thrift stores in your area for awesome second hand goods.

What are your plans for world environment day this year?

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